It's all up for grabs and nabs

Simple: all pieces are available for purchase unless 'red dotted' (in which case you should have got in quicker ;)). 

...or perhaps you like what I'm doing but you're after something a little different?

Happy to take commissions too. Come at me with your ideas and I'll see what I can do.

As a little bit of a rough indicator, I'm all for affordable art so none of my pieces will be more than 2500 NZD. Some will be wildly less.

A piece on here or a standalone commission, either way if you're keen, contact me at Let's talk.

getting your piece to you

Fear not, utmost care will be taken. Pieces will be oh-so-romantically and Von Trappily brown paper-wrapped and string-tied. Bubble wrap will be involved. And the more exotic your location the more likely I'm going to show up with work in hand - any interest from the Caribbean? South East Asia perhaps? Bluff then? (That last one's oyster season dependent, folks, just fyi.)

Shipping costs to be agreed on a piece-by-piece basis after a series of very serious calculations and conversions (between metric and imperial, wing dings and helvetica) is undertaken.