Always the artist. Never the muse. Works (of art) for me. 

I have a mutt of a CV (law, booky wooks, admin, publishing and now, at long last, development work and a bit o' baking on the side), so let's not overcomplicate things and go with someone who makes art. Why we're all here, isn't it?

Essentially I think (quite a lot - too much) and sometimes want to paintbrush those thoughts out, about and away.

While a magpie for new ideas I'm a bit of a hoarder and muller-overer too: it has taken me a decade to tie some particular pieces down. Others come out like lightning. Inconsistency is key here, it would appear. 

I (rain,) hail(, or shine) from Wellington, New Zealand with time spent in post-revolutionary Cairo and then Riyadh where much thought but very little art was made. It's all coming out now. 

Right, time to rocknroll and get back to work.